International Justice (Meždunarodnoe pravosudie) is a peer-reviewed Russian-language scientific journal established by the Institute for Law and Public Policy’s experts group in 2011. The main goal of IJ is to provide a high quality doctrinal analysis of the international judicial mechanisms, including their institutional framework and case-law. Since the journal’s inception it aims to engage both Russian and foreign scholars in a collective reflection on the old and new challenges facing international justice.

By the decision of the Russian Ministry of Education, made on December 1, 2015, the journal was included in the List of leading reviewed scientific journals and publications in which the main scientific results in the dissertations of the doctoral candidates have to be published.

IJ is published quarterly and contains scholarly articles, reviews of the latest and most relevant decisions and judgements of the European Court of Human Rights and book reviews.

The journal is distributed in print and electronic format. For more information, see the Subscription page.

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